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Free Cleaning Services with a Referral

We're Boston's most referred Cleaning and Housekeeping Services provider, which has been our #1 reason for success since 1982! In recognition of our loyal & happy customers, refer our cleaning services to a friend, and on the 3rd visit to their home we'll clean yours for free!

10% Off Maid Services for New Customers

We're the BEST Boston Cleaning Services company ... we know it, our customers know it, our competitors know it, but you don't yet - and you've been looking for us! Let us prove just what a quality Maid Service is all about, and enjoy a spotless home with our introductory discount!

$10 Off Window Washing

Don't we live in one of the world's most beautiful cities? Take advantage of this and let Maid For You put the sparkle back into your view! Our window washing service offers complete cleaning of glass on both interior and exterior surfaces.

$10 Off Gutter Cleaning

The Boston area is known throughout the world for its amazing foliage .... the exact same leaves and debris that eventually wind up in your gutters and potentially damaging your home with restricted rain and snow runoff. Let Maid For You handle this seasonal maintenance chore!